Information about the Airport Bus service


The bus now runs on a pre-booked basis, which means that the bus only runs if there are passengers who have booked the bus.

If you haven't booked a ticket but still want to take the bus and it is running, you can purchase a ticket on board.

The bus has route number 100

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Airport bus schedule  Route Map

Airport bus schedule from the 1st of June

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Which bus stop should I use?

 Please note that this is a bus service, not a door-to-door service. Passengers are responsible for being at the bus stop at the correct time. We use the same stops as SVA Citybuses and the Strætó intercity bus stop at Hof.

This table shows you which bus stop is closest to your place of accommodation or transport as well as the walking distance in metres.

If your accommodation is not on the list, you can ask the driver or our office for information about which stop to use.


Drottningarbraut (Town Centre South) Hof (Town Centre North) Glerártorg (Shopping Centre) Berjaya Hotel
Hotel KEA, 250 m Strætó intercity buses, 0 m  Akureyri Hostel and Cottages, 430 m  Berjaya Hotel, 60 m
Akureyri Backpackers, 275 m Hrímland guesthouse/apartments, 130 m    Súlur Guesthouse (use next stop), 130 m
Hafnarstræti Hostel, 300 m  SVA Citybuses, 125 m    K 16 apartments, 400 m (downhill)
Centrum Hotel, 350 m  Lava Apartments, 160 m    
K 16 apartments, 400m (uphill)  Hotel Norðurland, 270 m    
  Various accommodations at the town square, 250 m    


The bus does not service Hotel Kjarnalundur.