Driving Instructing

Our Driving Instructor Jónas is a certified driving instructor for driving license categories B, BE, C, CE, C1, C1E, D, DE, D1, D1E and T.

Our driving instructing vehicle is a Renault Kadjar from 2016 with manual transmission.

We also offer driving instructing on a Volvo XC 70 from 2015 with automatic transmission.

We offer driving instructing in Icelandic, English, Danish and German.


We are in cooperation with Ekill driving school, which offers driving courses in both Icelandic and English.

To get a driving licence, you need to take 17 to 25 driving lessons with a driving instructor and 25 theoretical lessons in driving school.

You first get a provisional license. After 12 months of driving without getting any points, you have to contact a driving instructor and take a driving evaluation. Then you can apply for a full license.

You can book practical lessons trough the Noona app or here Or by calling us on 555-2888

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us

The prices for driving instructing are the following (valid from the 1st of January 2023):

Driving school 1: 11.000 kr. (If taken at Ekill)

Driving school 2: 11.000 kr. (If taken at Ekill)

Driving school 3: 45.000 kr. If taken in Reykjavík ; 46.500 if taken in Akureyri

Driving lessons with driving instructor: 13.500 kr/per lesson

Car in driving test: 13.500 kr.

The issuing of the driving license: 4.000 kr. for the first license; 8.000 kr. for a full license

Theoretical driving test at Frumherji: 4.640 kr.

Practical driving test at Frumherji: 12.580 kr.

Reissuing of driving education book (for example if it gets lost): 2.500 kr.

You can expect that the cost of getting a driving license will be a minimum of 290.000 kr.

Price for driving evaluation:

This is the driving evaluation needed to renew your provisional license to a full license. The prices are:

13.500 kr if the evaluation is taken on the driving instructing car.

10.000 kr if the evaluation is taken on your own car.*

*Requirements to the car: The car needs to be in a legal condition. It needs to be covered be the legal insurances. It needs to have a full valid inspection.