The Process of Obtaining a Driving Licence

Driving instructing follows a specific process which is dictated in rules published by The Icelandic Transport Authority (Samgöngustofa). In those rules, there are regulations about a minimum amount of lessons required as well as driving school 1, 2 and 3.

Our process is as follows:

  • First driving lesson (taken no earlier than on the 16th birthday): The student gets their driving studies book as well as other papers. Parent or guardian signs off the student (if the student is younger than 18 years of age). We go for some basic exercises. (need a driving instructor? sign up here, we can get you in touch with instructors all over Iceland)
  • The driving student goes to the district commissioners office (sýslumaður) and applies for a driving licence (applies for driving studies).
  • Driving lessons 2-10 taken and driving school 1 (Ö 1) taken simultaneously.
  • The minimum amount of driving lesson,s with a driving instructor, before going on training driving with an experienced driver is 10 lessons.
    • The experienced driver comes along for the last lesson before training driving.
    • Driving school 1 (Ö 1) has to be finished by the student.
    • The student applies for a training driving permit at the district commissioners office (sýslumaður).
  • Training driving with an experienced driver takes place.
  • Driving school 2 (Ö 2) is taken as well as driving lessons 11 and 12 (around 3 to 4 months before the 17th birthday.)
  • Driving school 3 (Ö 3) is taken.
    • Be aware that you can not take driving school 3 until you have completed 12 driving lessons with a driving instructor.
  • The theory test is taken (can be taken up to 2 months before the 17th birthday).
  • The final preparation for the practical driving test takes place (lessons 13 and onwards).
  • The practical test is taken (can be taken up to 2 weeks before the 17th birthday).
  • When those tests are passed, you have your driving license.

Remember that you only get a provisional licence at first. If you drive for 12 months without getting points on your licence, you can take a driving evaluation with a driving instructor and then you can renew your licence to a full drivers licence.

The minimum amount of driving lessons a driving student needs to take to be allowed to take the practical driving test is 16 lessons (One of which is taken in Ö 3). Some students need more lessons before taking their tests, but that will be valued with every individual student, and their skills will be taken into account. It is common that students take 17-24 lessons.