Important information for driving students and guardians regarding stricter messures due to COVID 19

Remember the two-meter rule
Remember the two-meter rule

Today, changes were announced to restrictions due to COVID 19. This means that work methods around driving instructing will change significantly, from 12:00 on the 31st of July 2020.


Practical driving lessons will not be cancelled, as the current rules still allow these to happen. I will re-evaluate the situation regularly and make decisions in accordance with the rules and conditions in effect at the time, regarding if practical teaching can continue.

The following things will be in force concerning practical teaching from tomorrow:


  • As the distance between the student and the driving instructor cannot be 2 metres, we will have to wear face masks. These will be supplied in the car.
  • All students will have to sanitise and put on gloves before taking a seat behind the wheel. Gloves will also be supplied in the car.
  • Guests in lessons are under no circumstances allowed, with the exception of 2 persons from the same household as the student who will be guiding the student in training driving (Æfingaakstur); they are allowed to take part in the last lesson before the training driving starts.
  • The car is always sanitised between students. The requirements state that all surfaces that are touched by hand are sanitised between students. This sanitising will be done more thoroughly and vigorously than before, and I will be sanitising more than the requirements ask of me. Therefore, I might need more time between students than usual in order to do this, meaning that I might get a bit behind schedule, especially later in the day. I hope you can understand why I am late, when this happens.
  • Students will dispose of used gloves and masks in a trash bag that is in the trunk of the car. For sanitary reasons, I do not want students to take these home with them.


I also want to make it completely clear that in the event that a student, someone from the same household as the student, or someone the student has been in contact with has signs and symptoms of COVID 19 and/or is supposed to be in isolation, quarantine or homecoming quarantine, it is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to show up for lessons. In this case, the lesson should be cancelled, and we will make another appointment when it is safe to do so.


In other words, if somebody has cold-, flu- or COVID 19 symptoms, please do not show up for your driving lesson as you would not be welcome. If the slightest suspicion arises that the student has any of these symptoms, the student will be refused from taking the lesson, if it has not already been cancelled like it is supposed to have been in these circumstances. This also applies to people who have been in contact with people who are supposed to be in isolation or any kind of quarantine.


Lessons can be cancelled in the Noona app up until 24 hours before the lesson. If you need to cancel a lesson after that, please call me directly on my phone number: 869 4149


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Remember: We are all in this together!


Jónas Þór Karlsson, Driving instructor